Silo storage facility for grain and feedstuffs

Danish designer and manufacturer of bulk handling solutions, Lachenmeier-Monsun A/S

has chosen to partner with Danish supplier of equipment for grain handling, SKIOLD in the construction of a plant that they are installing in Fredericia. The plant is a silo storage facility for grain and feedstuffs for a large grain trading company that gets its raw materials brought by ship and truck to the plant.

Lachenmeier-Monsun has chosen to place two SKIOLD Damas cleaners at the core of the silo plant’s cleaning process. The demand from their customer was a very high capacity – namely 300 tonnes of grain per hour.

The SKIOLD Damas Pulco cleaner is to clean grain that comes directly from the field. The light impurities such as straw and husk are removed by blowing air through the grain and impurities are sucked out in this way. After the removal of light impurities, the 'cleaning process' is subsequently made easier for the SKIOLD Damas Omega which thereafter removes the heavier impurities such as sand, stone and weed seeds from the grains. When the SKIOLD Pulco removes the light impurities first, many screen changes on the SKIOLD Omega are avoided afterwards.

In many cases, the SKIOLD Damas Pulco cleaner will be able to provide adequate cleaning without the use of the Omega, like grains, in general, are often clean enough when they have passed through the harvesting machine.

Christian Ørskov Pedersen explains: "We look at the total need and lifecycle when we design a plant - and by combining the advantages of the two SKIOLD Damas cleaners, we get a solution that proves that 1 + 1 equals more than 2".

The project in Fredericia consists of:

Pre-cleaning of up to 300 tonnes of grain per hour

  • Malt barley sorting of up to 45 tonnes per hour

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