SKIOLD Pig Farm Project, Binh Dinh, Vietnam

Pig farms - Vietnam

Hung Vuong Group - 3 x pig farms with 2500 sows

Hung Vuong Group has three farms. The first two are in An Giang province and the third is Viet Thang Farm in Binh Dinh province.

"Viet Thang Binh Dinh Pig Farm is located on an area of ​​100ha. Currently, we have 2500 sows. We are now in the first stage of development. We hire 10 workers, 1 maintenance officer and 1 manager.  Says Ms Ny, Chief Technician Binh Dinh Farm. 

"We learned about SKIOLD. I was the one who had a chance to work in Denmark. SKIOLDs equipment is not at a low price. However, we still choose them because of the quality and it suits our pigs. We selected SKIOLD as a supplier. 

Currently, in Vietnam, there are open and closed husbandry models. Now, most of the big farms move towards a closed model to control the disease, actively control climate and temperature for the pigs.

As for the current ventilation system, we followed the advice of SKIOLD. We are very satisfied with this ventilation system. We can set the temperature to the right humidity so that the pigs can grow better.

About the automatic feeding system, we do not have to spend much time to feed the pigs. Instead, we have more time to care for the pigs, reducing labour costs. 

The current piglet/sow/litter is 13.5. Compared to other farms in Vietnam, it is also quite good. We can grow even more after finishing our facilities. 

There are currently 2 types of feeding. The first is to feed pigs freely and the second is to feed pigs regularly. As for the free feeding system, there is a small silo system inside the cage. There are big silos outside like this. After putting the feed into the big silo, we just need to turn on the device, then, the feed flows into the tub. In small silos in the cage, we can adjust the amount of feed. It is upon the age, the development stage of the pigs, we can adjust the amount of feed to help the pigs grow better.

The second is about a regular feeding system. Inside the cage, each pig will be given one box of feed. We can also adjust the amount for each pig, depending on its condition. 

When we decide to build a pig farm, we have to control the diseases. Sometimes diseases do not come from other places but right from inside your farm. Our policy is to keep our farm clean, antiseptic every week, vaccinate our pigs against diseases, cure the sick pigs and find out problems to handle them promptly." ends Ms Ny, Chief Technician Binh Dinh Farm. Read also the news about their feed production company, which is going to produce 500,000 tons pig feed, with SKIOLD Disc Mill

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