Penning for weaners

Durability, stability and easy cleaning are among the most important factors when it comes to choise of penning for weaners. Units for weaners are designed with a focus on a good and healthy environment for pigs from 7-30 kg. In the weaner unit, the basic elements are formed for the pig's growth progress, and a good start in a well designed weaner unit ensures good growth for pigs and a good production economy for the farmer. At SKIOLD JYDEN we have different solutions:

Penning for weaners in fiber- and fiberglass

SKIOLD JYDEN's weaner penning of fiber and fiberglass is built on the same concept. The difference lies in the choice of the material. Both fiber and fiberglass material has a minimal volume of only 10 mm, reducing the construction and investment need.

The penning is closed at a height of 65 cm with one horizontal pipe, giving a total height of 75 cm. It provides a suitable height of the pen while the piglets are growing - and at the same time, the height of the pen makes it easier to ventilate, minimizing the risk of tail biting.

The gate for the weaner pen must close tightly, ensuring that there is no dirt at the alley. At the same time it has to be easy to handle the weaners in and out of the pen, and it must also be easy for the staff to get in and out of the pen. Gates for weaner pens can be made with hinges and rods - at a width of 100 cm or 110 cm, depending on the width of the alley. Hinged gates should be adapted to the width of the alley to operate as a barrier gate, making the daily work of the unit easier. Alternatively, the gate can be mounted with hooks, providing a gate with in the whole width of the pen to provide a larger pen opening.

Penning for weaners with planking

SKIOLD JYDEN's weaner pen with planking has a high finish and a functional design, providing a safe and protective environment for the weaners. I.e, the plastic posts have rounded edges, providing good safety for the weaners, thus minimizing injuries. The design of the plastic posts also provides tight joints, and in combination with the smooth planking surface, enables the pen to be easily cleaned, providing good hygiene in the pen.

The planking pens can be customized according to the dimensions of the unit, and it is also easy to adapt the planking to the current floor slope, minimizing the investment cost significantly.

The pen can be provided with a wide gate or with a small, hinged gate. The small gate is equipped with "self-lock", making the gate locking by just a slight push (lockable from both sides). By one hand, the wide gate can easily be ope- ned and closed in both sides - thanks to the functional click system. The gates close tightly to the floor, thus minimizing dung at the alley.

The planking pen for weaners is closed in a height of 50 cm with two top pipes - 75 cm in total - providing a good possibility for natural ventilation between the pens, helping to minimise the risk of tail biting.