Accessories for farrowing crates

Many different features can be implemented in the pen design to create the right environment for the pigs. Wooden blocks, straw racks, rubber mats, additional drinkers etc. can meet the natural behavior and needs of the pigs and improve performance by eliminating negative behaviour and enhancing the stimulation from the environment.

Feed tray for the piglets and straw rack for the sow

The farrowing pen can be fitted with a plastic or stainless steel feed tray, ensuring optimal learning for feed intake for the piglets. With SKIOLD JYDEN's straw rack, the sows have permanent access to straw, meeting the needs for activity materials.

Note: We have a lot of other accessories for the farrowing pen - please contact us!

For the covered creep area - rubber mat and heating lamp

The covered creep area has a rubber mat, providing increased comfort for the piglets with a non-slip and easily cleaned surface. It protects against hard, slippery and cold surfaces. The mat is fastened to the floor with a bite resistant rail.

The covered creep area can be supplied with a hole for a heating lamp - and the heating lamp will ensure that the area is heated with good distribution of temperature.