Stalls for mating & gestation

In Danish housing systems sows and young females can be housed individually from mating until four weeks after mating. For this housing principle, SKIOLD Jyden can offer two different crates, JB DUO and JB6000 - both available in various variations (with front pipe, front gate and gate with front passage. The JB DUO and JB6000 are available in two lengths and variable width. Using a front gate instead of front pipe can prevent the boar from using the front as a ladder, avoiding damage to both boar and feed systems. The front gate with passageoption allows the inseminator to walk upright through the stall, optimizing on the workflow.


The rear gate can be locked in three positions - a durable function which can not be opened by any loose sows. It minimizes the risk of injury- due to vulva bites and fights between the sows. Furthermore, the saloon rear gate can be easily operated with a single hand and opened both ways, allowing the workflows more effective when moving the sows. JB DUO has a reduced height on the rear part, providing easy access to the sow and thus a more comfortable working position during insemination of the sow.

  • Optional height of 110 cm (standard is 100 cm) -> Suitable for big sows
  • Variable base plate at the rear end -> Stable, durable & twist safe
  • Saloon rear gate, lockable in three positions -> Less risk of injuries
  • Well-considered crate design -> Improved working environment
  • Available in different crate widths / lengths -> Adaptation to production


The JB6000 is characterized by an unique and solid, double locking system called TwinLock. The sow has free access to the crate and when the sow enters the crate, the rear gate closes automatically. The TwinLock system prevents other sows from accessing an already occupied crate. With her own weight, the sow will activate the rear gate of the crate to walk out.

The JB6000 is designed with extra space in the center of the gate. This ensures an easy access for the staff, allowing the process of vaccination, scanning and insemination more effective. The rear gate has replaceable bushes, and the water pipe system is made of stainless steel. The TwinLock system is based on balanced combination of weight and power – and there are no springs, thus minimizing the risk of breakdown.

  • Possibility of closed plate at the front side -> Less stress at feeding
  • Variable footplate at the back of the box -> Stable, durable & twist safe
  • Unique TwinLock system (JB6000) -> Increased animal welfare (for use to mating & gestation)
  • Well-considered stall design -> Improved working environment
  • Available in different box widths / lengths -> Adaptation to production