Farrowing crate

SKIOLD Jyden's farrowing crate is designed with 50 cm pen walls that ensure the piglets will remain in the pen - without compromising on the ventilation or temperature of the piglets' area. The height of the pen walls also make it easy to inspect the sow and the piglets.

The pen can be designed with fiber, fiberglass or PVC-penning - and either as front-to-back or as sideway penning. All materials are dirt repellent, reducing the possibility of the accumulation of bacteria and making the pen walls easy to clean. A cleaner housing environment means less diseases, enabling an improved and healthier production.

High functionality

SKIOLD JYDEN put a great focus on pen functionality that optimize the working environment as well as creating improved conditions for both sow and piglets. The rear gate is detachable and able to be opened at each side. The rear gate can easily be operated with only one hand, enabling easy access to the pen.

Additionally, the rear gate can also be tilted over a manure opening to avoid the piglets getting in danger on the first critical days after farrowing. This will help to increase the production performance.

Covered creep areas

A good environment for piglets with optimal temperature and safe frames. The creep area provides piglets with an environment that fits their needs, meaning there is enough space for a litter of piglets and the temperature under the cover is higher than the room temperature. This means that both sows and piglets are housed in thermally optimal conditions and can perform their best.

SKIOLD JYDEN's covered creep area is made of durable 10 mm plastic material (recycled), ensuring a smooth cleaning and thus better hygiene in the pen. Operation is easy and can be done by connecting to a central opening, giving a good overview of the entire pen area. The creep are available in two sizes - 72 and 80 cm - and can be delivered as flatpack which is economically advantageous in transport costs.

• Good temperature and heat formation
• Strong PVC material
• Simple construction
• Multiple sizes and options
• Smooth surface

Farrowing wings

Farrowing wings are the most efficient way to reduce piglet mortality, especially in the early days. SKIOLD JYDEN have two versions of farrowing wings, either Standard or Modify:

Standard farrowing wing

  • Curve shaped center bar 
  • Outward curve shaped bottom bar 
  • Lower height at the rear end of crate
  • Curve shaped, adjustable rear gate 
  • Adjustable legs on the crate 
  • Simple design 
  • Possible to add-on protection rail 


Modify farrowing wing

  • Large distance between fingers 
  • Outward curve shaped bottom bar 
  • Lower height at the rear end of crate 
  • Protection rail 
  • Spacious / unique design 
  • Curve shaped, adjustable rear gate 
  • Adjustable legs on the crate