Increase profits with intelligent feed management and improved feed quality

SKIOLD offers advanced feed management solutions that reduce costs, optimise your production, and ensure optimal feed conversion.

In a market under pressure from spiralling inflation and a soaring energy crisis, optimisation is a necessity to ensure profitability.  SKIOLD offers a wide range of feed management solutions and intelligent technology that optimise feed consumption, increase animal welfare, and improve production processes.

Optimise feed consumption – and save money

SKIOLD’s DistriWin Management System is a digital tool that offers a complete overview of the feeding process and feed consumption. The system distributes an exact amount of feed to each sty and makes sure to continuously adjust the amount of feed according to the animals’ age and weight.

With the optional feature Eat-Time Management, the system continuously gathers data regarding the animals’ appetite, making sure that you always have documented knowledge of their changing feed requirements. The tool ensures lower feed consumption and thereby lower costs, guarantees optimum feed and growth conditions for your animals, and ensures superior feed conversion rates.

Read more about how you can optimise feeding processes with SKIOLD DistriWin Management System and Eat-Time.


Intelligent feeding ensures improved animal welfare and a profitable production

SmartFeeder is a feed dispenser that meets the individual and varying feed requirements of each sow. It ensures optimal feeding during different phases, for example during pregnancy and farrowing, and afterwards to increase the lactating sows’ milk yield and maximise piglet growth. By ensuring optimal feeding in accordance with the individual and changing needs of each sow, the SmartFeeder improves animal welfare and ensures an efficient and profitable production.

SKIOLD SmartFeeder is compatible with the DistriWin Management System.

Read more about the benefits of the two solutions here.


Improved feed = improved profitability

Grain contaminated by different types of fungi contain toxins that cause various diseases in livestock, reduce weight gain, and have a negative effect on production results. The solution is the cleaning and grading machine SKIOLD SIGMA that allows you to efficiently remove bacteria and fungi from the grain and thereby significantly improve the quality and nutritional value of your feed. The efficiency of the cleaning process is well-documented, and it reduces the presence of toxins by up to 90 %. The cleaned, high-quality feed ensures increased animal welfare and improved production results.

Learn more about how you can increase the quality of your feed and improve performance with SKIOLD SIGMA.


Would you like to save money and improve production efficiency?

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