Production Manager - your end-to-end feed production solution

Gather all your tasks for your feed production in a system with Production Manager from SKIOLD.

Having a clear overview of its feed production is a complicated task, which means that you need have control of many intermediate processes in your work with the optimal feed production.

With the help of Production Manager, your end-to-end feed production, you can eliminate all time-consuming administration tasks and gain direct access to everything you need to know about your feed production in a simple and user-friendly dashboard.

Production Manager allows you to make quality decisions based on real-time data. You receive the relevant data on time without the hassle of purchasing additional equipment and can therefore utilize the full potential of your activities such as logistics, purchasing, planning and bookkeeping. Your data is stored close to real time and is easily accessible. This helps you stay up to date on your feed production and its performance.

Production Manager is an upgrade to FlexMix Pro feed production management, where you get all that knowledge gathered in one place in a system that constantly strives to give your production more value. Production Manager will go all the way to becoming your preferred feed assistant and provide you with customized notifications, support around the clock and full visibility of your needs. Gather all your tasks for your feed production in a system with Production Manager from SKIOLD.


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