SKIOLD Flexmix Pro Production Manager - for monitoring your feed production

Flexmix Pro Production Manager

Collect data in an intuitive and user-friendly system with a central dashboard.

Complete overview of your feed production gathered in one system. Production Manager is our new centralized solution for the visibility of your feed production. It is designed to help you take control of your end-to-end feed production in a simple and easy-to-use dashboard.

Driven by artificial intelligence, the interactive feed production and consolidated dashboard provides an overview of your purchases, tasks, consumption updates and information that is important to your end-to-end feed production.

Production Manager is an Add-On to SKIOLD Flexmix Pro which helps you stay ahead of your competitors and fully updated. It provides several key features of an innovative feed production tool:

SKIOLD Flexmix Pro - Production Manager gives you:

  • All data from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of feed, in one system
  • 24/7 real-time overview of your feed production and performance
  • Full overview of the flow and higher quality in production
  • Credible data validation
  • User-friendly alarm function identifies potential crashes and reduces downtime.
  • Planning of raw material purchases based on accurate calculations
  • Centralized production planning at all locations, in one system

Unique settings, designed for this need:

  • Drag and drop, your saved recipes and reuse easily
  • Dashboard gives you a full overview of machines and data in terms of performance
  • Unique user interface, adapted to your needs
  • Complete spare parts list at the selected system

SKIOLD FLEXMIX Pro Production Manager is the solution of the future for optimal utilization and efficiency of your feed production.