SKIOLD Pig Management

SKIOLD Pig Management gives you unsurpassed transparency of your performance on sows, weaner or finisher pigs. With the registration of your events, you collect real-time data, which covers your key performance figures and tells you exactly what is happening in your production 24/7.


With SKIOLD Pig Management you get in-depth analysis of your performance and surveillance of your progress towards your targets and it keeps you updated on your resource consumption and deliveries. The platform can identify potential problems and solve them right away, at any point in the life cycle. The result? The complete picture of your animals and you improve the performance of your farm.


SKIOLD Pig Management is divided into the categories: 'Sows' and 'Growing pigs'.

You create your own Pig Management setup based on your farm, so you have easy access to the features that are relevant to you. In addition, you can use SKIOLD Pig Management on all your mobile devices.


Pig Management gives you:

  • Overview of your flow of animals 24/7
  • More efficient, profitable and sustainable production
  • Greater transparency and better quality of operation
  • Production reports and key performance figures
  • Greater added value with unique performance data
  • Standardized data on all phases of production in your herd.
  • Full control and maximum security


Unique settings designed for production with sows:

With individual settings based on your farm, SKIOLD Pig Management, Sows, informs you which tasks you must perform at a given time. In addition, production data and feed consumption data are fully integrated to tell you the exact performance of each individual animal.


Special for Pig Management, Sows:

  • Dashboard function with full overview of all sows and performance targets
  • Documentation of treatment at individual and herd level
  • Integration of feed consumption data and production results
  • Optimal time point for inseminations
  • Options for quick reactions on non-pregnant sows
  • Worklists (adapted to your production) for inseminations, scanning, farrowings, weanings etc.
  • Results on the sow’s performance distributed per litter
  • Information on optimal logistics management



ESF communication with controller

Typically, data is entered directly through the ESF controller program or through the management program. SKIOLD has developed a unique overall solution for communication through SKIOLD Pig management for sows as well as our ESF controller, which gives users the following:



  • A unified system that can interact with each other
  • Automatic registration of the animal as well as all the data in the controller when the animal is moved to the ESF station
  • If the animal is moved away from the ESF station, it is automatically deleted from the controller again


  • Overview of the animal's intake of feed and remaining ration
  • Possibility to change time curve and fixed%
  • Residual list of x number % of the ration on the day from the day before
  • Overview of changes in feed curve and/or fixed% of the last four visits
  • Tasks are solved via the reader (Allflex AWR250 Stick reader), which is connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth
  • All data is shown on the display and can be changed from here



Unique settings designed for production with weaner and finisher pigs:

The unique settings ensure registration of your actions, and connection to SKIOLD Distriwin gives you valuable insight into the entire feeding process. A growth curve that helps users to estimate the weight of the animals by use of data on internal movements and registration of treatments has been incorporated.


Special for Pig Management, Growing pigs:

  • Registration of entrances, relocations and departures
  • Estimation of expected sales and slaughter week
  • A function for distributing animals to the individual pens based on their weight
  • Check-up on the number of estimated animals per section with the physical ones in the barn
  • Estimation of daily gain expected sales, and delivery at 30 and 115 kg, respectively.
  • Continuous 7-day overview of mortality, disposal and treatments.