Alarms for the pig farm| SKIOLD


for the complete safety of your farm

The alarm is designed to ensure the real-time safety of your breeding stock via access from your smartphone. 

Install in new or existing buildings, simple or complex. The SKIOLD CO100 alarm can monitor up to 140 circuits. Different possible alarm signals, audible alarm, beacon, visual alert. Through the GSM box you can also be notified on your smartphone by either text or voice message. Further you can have the information directed to your landline phone by personalized and prerecorded messages.

Simple and responsive system to make your daily life easier. The SKIOLD CO100 alarm is equipped with a touch screen allowing a maximum of accessibility without
surplus information. Quick and logic overview and pictograms featuring the priority of the alerts. In case of power failure, the SKIOLD CO100 alarm contains a battery backup with capacity control to make your daily life easier.