Pig feeders

At SKIOLD, we take pride in offering the most extensive, efficient, and durable range of pig feeders. Our pig feeders are designed to accommodate various feed types, including mash or pellets, providing a comprehensive solution for your pig feeding needs. 

Our feeders are robust and sturdy, capable of meeting diverse requirements. Whether you need floor feeders, MaxiMat feeders for weaners and finishers, or volume dispensers for sows, SKIOLD has you covered. Our Smart Feeder, designed for sow management, ensures complete automation in farrowing management by analysing the feeding behaviour of each sow. 

Specialised Feeders for Every Stage and Every Type of Pig 

Feeders for Weaners and Finishers 

MaxiMat - Robust, Hygienic, and Improving Animal Welfare 

The MaxiMat feeder, elected the best in test in 2012 by the Danish Pig Research Centre, serves as a loyal partner in feed distribution for growing pigs from 7-115 kg. It addresses common issues like bridge building or clogging with its unique design, ensuring 24/7 operation. The feeder is easy to clean, offers intuitive manual control for adjustments, and has been approved as a toy for pigs, enhancing animal welfare. 

Our MaxiMat Feeder is available both for porkers and weaners.  

Do you want to endorse your pigs to keep up their water intake? Then MaxiMat Aqua is the ideal add-on solution for you.  

Are you curious about our MaxiMats? Read more here. 

Feeders for Sows 

Volume Dispensers - Stability and Durability 

SKIOLD's volume dispenser features a robust one-piece plastic construction for stability and durability. Cleaning is easy, with a detachable wire for internal cleaning and inspection. With telescopic pipe adjustment and remote feed quantity control, this dispenser is versatile for both floor feeding and phase feeding. Are you interested in reading more about our Volume Dispensers? Click here to see the data sheet. 

SmartFeeder - Optimal Farrowing Room Management 

Serving fresh feed in the right amounts at the right time is crucial for stable milk production. SKIOLD's Smart Feeder will  automatically  adjust  time  and  amount  of  feed  on  individual  sow  basis  based  on  the  historical  appetite  of  the  sow  and  the  nutritional  curves  defined  by  you  in  the  control  system Distriwin. Integrated into the SKIOLD control system, Distriwin, it provides peace of mind by notifying you of any sow deviations from the pattern, indicating sickness or readiness to farrow. Want to know more? You can read more about the SKIOLD SmartFeeder here. 

SKIOLD Floor Feeder 

Looking for an integrated part of your feeding systems? The SKIOLD Floor Feeder is designed for  untethered  sows,  gilts  and  porkers.  Made of profiled, galvanised steel plates and designed with a two-winged bottom shutter, the SKIOLD Floor Feeder’s construction robust under all circumstances.  

You can read more about our Floor Feeder here 

For more details on our pig feeders and to explore the complete range, contact us today or click the links above to read more.  

SKIOLD – Nurturing Pigs, Nurturing Success.  


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