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Sigma - Centrifugal Air screen cleaner

High-capacity cleaning and grading machine

The Sigma is a high-capacity cleaning and grading machine. Its primary function is pre-cleaning, malting barley grading, intervention standard cleaning, as well as industrial cleaning of cereals and hard seeds. It is also capable of cleaning cereal seed under certain circumstances.

The machine requires very little space and can therefore easily be built into existing plants. It is almost vibration-free because of the rotary screen action around the central axis, which also makes it suitable for mobile installation.

The Sigma is ideally suited for cleaning humid and oleaginous seeds because of the centrifugal principle.

The surface polishing effect of the rotary screens results in a much higher standard of hygiene in cereals, as the content of bacteria and fungi is considerably reduced.

Minimum requirements of foundation because of the vibration-free construction. Easily rotatable outlets and door for screen changing allow flexible planning in arrangements. Minimum of adjustments during operation, with the option of electronic control systems. The machine is totally enclosed, ensuring a low-noise and dustfree environment. Rotary motion and the self-adjusting roller brushes of the machine ensure efficient cleaning of the grading screens.

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