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Pig, cattle and poultry farms from simple components to complete full-line solutions

Increased profits and efficiency combined with better animal welfare are the key factors for success for SKIOLD’s customers within livestock production all over the world. Our customers – or as we prefer to see them – our partners choose to work with Danish-based SKIOLD due to our extensive experience within the design and production of state-of-the-art pig farm machinery.

The solution includes equipment for feeding, penning, climate control, farm management (production), education and digital farm management systems. We design sturdy solutions which are financially strong in the long run. Our road to success as a supplier is measured by your success as a livestock producer. The majority of our advisors, technicians and engineers have personal experience with working in farming. Thus, you will deal with people who understand the tasks you face and who know what is important for you.

A SKIOLD solution gives you the most efficient and future-proof solutions that are sustainable and provide you with full traceability from feed to meat. 

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