AgroAves Group - Lithuania

Feed mill project for poultry feed 15 t/h including grain handling, cleaning, drying and storage

AgroAves Group, second largest poultry producer in Lithuania, produces 26,000 tons poultry meat per year and expects to increase production to 30,000 tons. AgroAves Group previously purchased their feed but expects to be able to earn back the investment within four years by producing their own feed with a full-line solution from SKIOLD. 

They had many special requirements and have received an individual solution tailored to their needs. Especially three unique solutions are worth mentioning; Extrusion line for soya beans, premix solution and a heat treatment line to either produce pellets or heat treated meal feed.

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The complete project at AgroAves consist of:

Grain handling, cleaning, drying and storage:

  • Intake pit 60 m3
  • SKIOLD Damas grain cleaner Omega 121 IEO
  • Transport systems 100 t/h
  • 6 grain storage silos each 3.540 ton / 4.550 m3
  • 2 grain storage silo each 700 ton / 915 m3
  • Grain dryer 35 t/h (at 4% drying)
  • 2 wet buffer silos each 445 m3
  • Dry buffer silo, 475 m3
  • Flat storage (floor storage)
  • Extruder line for soy beans and other raw materials

 Feed Milling plant for poultry feed 15 t/h:

  • Dosing silos and scale for macro components
  • Two SKIOLD Disc Mills SK10T, 75 kW
  • Premix and minerals dosing system
  • Twin shaft paddle mixer PTS 4000
  • Pelleting tower
  • Coating of pellets
  • 18 ready feed silos each 44 m3
  • Separate premix line

 Everything controlled by the latest version of SKIOLD FlexMix Pro advanced control system.


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