SKIOLD has acquired Rotecna

A new strong partnership in delivery of complete pig farm solutions

SKIOLD has acquired Rotecna from its founder and two financial sponsors (Talde and Oquendo). Rotecna’s management will continue to lead the Company, further building on its strong track record of growth through focus on customers and product innovation.

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Agramunt, Spain, Rotecna specialises in the design, manufacture, and marketing of equipment and solutions for the pig farming industry. Enabled by its innovative DNA, Rotecna has played a central role in supporting the development of Spain’s pork production industry, which today has reached a globally leading status in terms of efficiency while holding the third largest pig population worldwide. Rotecna has grown consistently over the past 10 years from c. EUR 10m in revenue in 2010 to nearly EUR 50m in 2020, becoming the number one leading pig equipment provider in Spain while also entering new markets in for example Europe and Latin America.

SKIOLD, headquarted in Sæby, Denmark, has more than 140 years of experience providing seed-, feed-, and farm- equipment and solutions. SKIOLD covers the complete value chain from field to livestock, including  seed processing, grain handling, feed milling, and poultry-, cattle-, and pig farming equipment. Rotecna will become a part of SKIOLD’s existing pig business unit, nearly doubling its size in terms of revenue.

The combination of SKIOLD and Rotecna delivers clear strategic benefits to both companies, including a stronger global footprint and enhanced platform to grow in new markets, a broader product portfolio of leading technologies, and increased scale to support investments in R&D, including digital solutions. With this acquisition, SKIOLD group’s revenue is approaching EUR 200m.

Rotecna’s CEO, Antonio Pinos, sees Rotecna’s inclusion in SKIOLD GROUP as an attractive strategic opportunity, explaining “Rotecna has experienced an incredible growth journey during the past decade, within which the Spanish market has played an important role. In recent years Rotecna has also successfully grown its presence in new markets outside Spain, and with its international footprint and pig farm project expertise SKIOLD is the perfect partner for further supporting this international growth trajectory going forward.”

SKIOLD’s CEO, Søren Overgaard, is excited for Rotecna to join SKIOLD GROUP, and sees big potential in this acquisition: “We have been very impressed by Rotecna’s management, operations, product portfolio and innovative capabilities, and look forward to further developing and investing in Rotecna’s existing  platform in Spain. Rotecna has a well developed distribution network with stong partnerships, which SKIOLD intends to continue to support and grow. By combining our business we will be able to serve our customers even better through a strengthened product portfolio and increased scale to build an even more comprehensive sales and service network globally.”

No changes will be made to Rotecna’s management or organisation as a consequence of the acquisition, and business activities with customers and suppliers will continue uninterrupted.

For further information please go to SKIOLD and Rotecna.



Søren Overgaard, CEO, SKIOLD
Antonio Pinos, CEO, Rotecna


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