SKIOLD Automatic Pig Sorting Station

SKIOLD automatic sorting station Tristar

Ensures accurate sorting of growing pigs

SKIOLD Tristar ensures a very precise sorting of pigs in the growth phase. It improves feed efficiency and automates the selection of animals for slaughter. The system also helps reduce stress and pain among the pigs when they leave the farm. 

The concept is based on splitting the finisher area into two larges areas: the feeding area and the resting area. The area dedicated to feeding is also separated into two or optionally more areas, either for feed planning or for the sorting process for departure. A barrier separates the feeding area and the resting area by means of one-way passages for passage from one area to another :
• Mandatory passage through the sorting station for feed
• Return by one-way gates to reach the resting area
The pigs are forced to follow this route, and a learning program allows them to gradually get used to it. As an option, the station can be equipped with an inlet flap and up to two additional exists, to allow for separation of males and females.

Automatic sorting

An electronic device records the weights of the animals, automatically determines the area assigned for each animal, and controls the exit of the station to direct the animals. The sorting system transfers the data on daily basis to a computer for back up. When the animals are ready to be sold, the farmer only has to
enter a minimum weight, a maximum number of animals, and a sorting duration. Based on these parameters, the station will automatically sort out the animals ready to leave. If the number of animals is insufficient, the farmer can program a sort according to a wider weight range.