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Leading international supplier - Poultry farms

Loyal clients
Our clients return again and again. We see it as a sign of satisfaction.

For us, you are not just a client, but a partner with whom we have a common mission to deliver a profitable poultry farm solution on time and on budget -both within broilers, breeders, rearing and layers.

From beginning to end
We are with you through the entire process of your poultry farm, and we will not pass on the farm until it has been commissioned, approved and training has taken place.

Leading product line
Our competent R&D department ensures that we always are at the forefront of the development and have the best products for the pig farm at a competitive price.

Cooperation with leading international experts
We have close cooperation with leading experts, ensuring our customers the optimal solution for the poultry farm based on international up-to-date knowledge, especially with feeding as a major competence.

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