Premium Porc Group

Produces 105.000 tons feed each year - uses SKIOLD service concept

SKIOLD is introducing a new service concept with on-farm service. Premium Porc Group is one of the largest pig producers in Romania.

“We are experts on the feed mill equipment and our service staff secures a higher up-time. We have even established local spare parts stocks on the farms in order to maintain the highest possible manufacturing efficiency on the farms,“ says Division Director Mr Jens Vinther Jensen from SKIOLD.

“We have high demands for our suppliers, and we want our suppliers to aim high as well. We have looked into the option of having a hammer mill solution, but after having analyzed our needs thoroughly, we have come to the conclusion that the disc mill suit our needs better. The disc mill is flexible in terms of being able to vary the grinding degree during operation without having to change screens. This increases efficiency in our production and reduces downtime.

We have outsourced all service and maintenance of our feed milling equipment to SKIOLD. This allows us to focus on continuing to be the best pig producer in Romania. We are very satisfied with our cooperation, which at the same time is also cost beneficial for us. We pay a fixed rate each month, and this way we do not have to worry about maintaining the feed mill, and we have experienced that the production runs more smoothly”, Mr Østergaard ends.

The plant in figures:

  • 3 SK10 Disc mills

  • 2 SK 780 Disc mills

  • Premium Porc has two feed factories which produce more than 105.000 tons each year, produced 395.000 pigs in 2016, and on their largest farm they have 6.800 sows

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