SKIOLD Seed Cleaning Machine for effective reduction of mycotoxins

Damas SIGMA - efficient, mycotoxin removal

High-capacity cleaning and grading machine

Excellent cleaning performance and removal of more than 90 % of all mycotoxins from your grain – all in in a space-saving, vibration-free package.

The SKIOLD Damas SIGMA is a high-capacity cleaning and grading machine for small-sized to large grains or cereals. The SKIOLD Damas SIGMA is designed for pre-cleaning, malting barley grading, intervention standard cleaning, as well as industrial cleaning of cereals. The SKIOLD Damas SIGMA takes up very little space and can easily be built into existing plants. The SKIOLD Damas SIGMA requires very little foundation because of its vibration-free construction, making it suitable for mobile installation.

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How it works

In the SKIOLD Damas SIGMA, rotary screens gently scrub and polish each individual grain, which reduces the content of bacteria and fungi. As a result, you get a much higher standard of hygiene in cereals. SKIOLD Damas SIGMA cleaners require a bare minimum of adjustment during operation and can also be delivered with electronic control systems.

Ideal for humid and oleaginous seeds

Because of its centrifugal function, the SKIOLD Damas SIGMA is especially ideal for cleaning humid and oleaginous seeds such as cereals, maize or rapeseed.

Your direct benefits

Goodbye, mycotoxins

Because seed and grains are cleaned centrifugally by being forced against the rotating screens, each individual grain will be polished and cleaned across its entire surface area. This process reduces the presence of germs, fungi and bacteria by up to 90 % - giving you a much more hygienic end product (proven by the independent German Test institute IFF)

Space saver

We know how precious space can be in a production facility. So we designed the SKIOLD Damas SIGMA to be as compact as possible. In fact, the SIGMA will take up half the space of comparable machines – in some cases as little as a third. The compactness of the SKIOLD Damas SIGMA also means that you can install it easily in a pre-existing production facility where lack of space can be an issue. 

Zero vibrations

With all internal moving parts perfectly balanced, the SKIOLD Damas SIGMA gives off hardly any vibrations at all. This reduces the stress on the floor construction and makes it possible for you to place the SKIOLD Damas SIGMA high up in steel constructions – or to use it in a mobile production facility. 

Humid material welcome

Where flatbed cleaners give up, the SKIOLD Damas SIGMA carries on. It will easily clean even very wet grain without losing significant capacity – and without needing excessive screen cleaning afterwards. 

Rapeseed specialist

Rapeseed is small and very high in oil content – and as such a challenge for any cleaning machine. Not for the SIGMA. The Damas SIGMA is capable of cleaning rapeseed to industrial quality without a prior drying cycle. Another benefit of this is that the screens will stay dry and will constantly deliver high quality cleaning performance. 

Fast screen change

Because the SKIOLD Damas SIGMA is designed with vertical screens that are removed from the top, no extra floor space is needed when changing or cleaning screens. The design of the machine means that one person can easily handle, change and clean the screens in a very short time. 

Amazing for maize

The SKIOLD Damas SIGMA’s capability if handling very wet material is a strong advantage when cleaning maize - in fact, maize with up to 60 % moisture content can be handled by the machine. 

Dust-free working space

As the machine is totally enclosed, you can expect a dust-free working environment – and lower noise levels, too. 

Keeps itself clean

The rotation of the internal components of the machine – combined with the self-adjusting roller brushes on the screens – create a substantial self-cleaning effect. In most cases, it will not be necessary to clean the machine when changing materials. Not even after having used the machine to clean maize with a very high moisture content of up to 50 %.

Double-crop function

As an option, the SKIOLD Damas SIGMA can be delivered with a two-crop function making change-over from one crop to another easy and quick. 

Deculming while cleaning

When cleaning malted grain, the SKIOLD Damas SIGMA will automatically deculm the grains in the process, saving you additional equipment and production.

SKIOLD Damas SIGMA cleaning process

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