SKIOLD Guard monitoring system for grain cleaning machines

SKIOLD Guard monitoring system

Flexible monitoring of the operational state of SKIOLD Damas machines

SKIOLD GUARD gives easily readable and accurate information of the operating state of the SKIOLD Damas machines in your production line.
With SKIOLD GUARD it is possible to avoid unintended production shutdowns. The system makes it possible to make a plan for repair and maintenance with a view to obtain an efficient production.

SKIOLD GUARD keeps track of all vital parameters of your installation. The system can monitor main bearing temperature in real time and is monitoring the vibration of the machine. It can check whether the wear coatings are intact and whether there are any obstacles to uninterrupted operation – just to mention a few of the possibilities.

SKIOLD GUARD is a fully integrated system which monitors all vital characteristics of a single machine or an entire production line, eliminating the need for constant manual checks.

SKIOLD GUARD monitors all relevant parameters, such as:

  • Status of tension rods and springs
  • Bearing status
  • Operation of driving shafts and motors
  • Product supply
  • Vibration
  • Wear of critical parts
  • Door open/closed