SKIOLD Seed Cleaning Machine

Damas UNISEED/DUOSEED cleaning/grading machines

Cost-effective cleaner/graders for farm use

Damas Uniseed/Duoseed cleaning machines are designed for grading of grain on the farm premises or in small-scale industrial grain treatment. It delivers all the benefits and efficiency of the industrial Damas OMEGA grader/cleaner in a compact, cost-effective package and is ideal for farms where grain is used for feed as well as for sale. 

The Damas DuoSeed is a double UniSeed machine, which saves a lot of space in your grain treatment facility. The machines are available in several versions and can be provided with a feeding device with or without clipper-de-awner and a presuction unit.

Uniseed/Duoseed cleaning machines are especially suited for larger cereals such as rapeseed wheat barley maize etc.

How it works

Uniseed/Duoseed cleaning machines are flatbed cleaners produced from galvanised steel. In flatbed cleaners, the active surface area of the cleaning bed is much higher than in conventional drum cleaners, making the cleaning or grading faster and much more precise. 

The top screen moves in a smooth, horizontal pattern, while the bottom screen moves in an oblique pattern. This motion pattern is unique to SKIOLD Damas cleaners and gives you a very efficient scalping on the top screen and a much more efficient grading of the material.

Your direct benefits

  • A grading machine for on-farm use

    For farmers producing their own fodder or grading their own grain on the premises, Uniseed/Duoseed machines are ideal due to their compact size and flexible operation. Uniseed/Duoseed combine strength and stability with easy operation and maintenance, even when the machines are only used intermittently. You can also use the waste material in your automatic stoker – that way, nothing goes to waste.

  • Superb quality equals higher prices for your grain

    If you choose the Uniseed/Duoseed to clean e.g. rapeseed - or for the grading of malting barley - you can rely on these machines to deliver superb quality, allowing you to sell your produce at a higher price per unit. 

    Uniseed/Duoseed machines can also efficiently remove the majority of ergots from the grain – a parasite which will significantly reduce the quality of your end product. If you require 100 % removal of all ergots and their residues, take a look at our Zeta and our Royal Coloursorter  to complete your production line. 

    Well-cleaned grains will germinate better, and any dressing material will stick to the individual grains in a much more effective way, reducing the loss of dressing material and keeping costs down. 

  • Higher feed value

    When using the Uniseed/Duoseed for cleaning/grading of grain used for feed, the machines will deliver consistently high-quality grain with no weeds or other unwanted foodstuffs included. Furthermore, grain graded and cleaned in the Uniseed/Duoseed machines will produce significantly less dust.

  • Reduced storage costs

    With perfectly graded cereals or seeds in your storage, the risk of degradation due to mould fungi, bacteria and mites is highly reduced. No need to worry over grain going bad, and less expense needed for subsequent drying, all lead to lower storage costs overall.

  • Take good care of your production equipment

    Another advantage of well-graded cereals is that the rest of your production equipment will perform much better and last much longer, allowing you to make the most of your investments.

  • Long life and quality design

    Uniseed/Duoseed flatbed cleaners are designed for a long life and easy maintenance. The cabinet is produced with galvanized steel, and special rubber balls keep the screens clean. You can also expect very few vibrations from the machine, reducing the stress on the floor or suspension of the machine to a bare minimum and increasing the lifespan of your entire installation.

  • Easy to service and operate

    Uniseed/Duoseed flatbed cleaners are designed to make screen changing easy and simple, and day-to-day operations are easy to learn and master.