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Understanding our customers' needs

make us develop the most optimal products with unique and special features

Years of intensive R&D work provide unique and special features to our world class seed processing machines based on experience, dedication and a deep knowledge of the challenges facing producers who need precise, reliable and user-friendly production equipment.

When it comes to understanding the need to reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact, we offer advanced technology, and below we highlight some of the unique features and core benefits of a number of our seed cleaning machines.  

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High grading efficiency, low power consumption, and reduced air exhaust 

DAMAS OMEGA air screen cleaner offers much higher grading efficiency than any other comparable machine on the market today. Due to its optimized screen motion, DAMAS OMEGA can deliver a grading efficiency up to 40 % higher than other grading machines. 

The DAMAS OMEGA is equipped with two separate air recycling systems that reduce the air exhaust to a minimum. Tests have shown that the optimized exhaust system in DAMAS OMEGA reduces the exhaust up to 80% equal to only 1,600 m3 per hour. Most machines on the market today will produce a minimum of 16,000 m3 of air per hour – up to 20,000 m3 per hour having the same cleaning capacity as the DAMAS OMEGA. 

The aspiration system works with a unique SKIOLD DAMAS concept making the quality exceptional along with the low air consumption.

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Extreme even air distribution and efficient grading

DAMAS ZETA gravity separator efficiently and precisely separates seed and grains according to specific weight.

In the DAMAS ZETA a highly effective fan with filter produces a pressurized airflow through the deck. The unique design of the deck results in an extremely even air distribution and a perfect fluidization of the grain/air mix and an exceptionally efficient grading. Due to the unique construction of the deck, perfect air distributing is achieved with just one fan in the entire machine.

DAMAS ZETA is designed for manual or fully automated touch screen operation of all functions, with 100 program memories allowing very fast and easy adjustment.

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Extra-high cleaning efficiency with low power consumption

The DAMAS PULCO air aspirator has a very low power consumption compared to its output. It has a long working life and low need of maintenance from year to year. As the PULCO is completely self-cleaning, it does not require cleaning when changing to another cleaning task, which all in all results in a minimum of downtime. 

The PULCO S is a model with a vertical air chamber which acts as an extension of the horizontal air chamber. This makes is possible to achieve a much stronger air aspiration without the risk of discarding any good material in the process. What you get is unparalleled cleaning efficiency and much better return on your investment.

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