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General terms for use of the website

This website and its contents are elaborated, developed and owned by SKIOLD A/S. The webpage is only for use in accordance with the below terms. By using the website, you agree to these terms. 

SKIOLD A/S provides this website solely as a service and as a source of information. The transmission of this information does not create any form of relationship or contractual basis between the user and SKIOLD A/S. The information on this website is of general character and is not intended to fulfill any individual or specific needs for counseling. Before using information from the website, you are recommended to seek out personal assistance and counseling from SKIOLD A/S.

SKIOLD A/S is very careful with the establishment and maintenance of this website, and takes all possible measures to ensure that the content, such as product descriptions, is correct and constantly up to date. The content of this website is, however, subject to frequent changes without prior notice. Hence, SKIOLD A/S does not guarantee that the content is correct and up to date. Visitors to this website accept that SKIOLD A/S is exonerated from any responsibility for the content or software of the website, and for any use thereof.

The information on this website is solely intended as general information.
You are welcome to download material from this website for personal and non-commercial use, provided that you respect and do not alter messages regarding copyright, trademarks, or property rights. You are, however, not in any way permitted to copy, reproduce, repeat, upload, send, transfer, or distribute the contents of this website, including text, photos, audio or video files for public or commercial purposes, without prior written consent from SKIOLD A/S.
Trademarks and logos displayed on this website are the property of SKIOLD A/S. Publication of the contents of this website is not in any way to be regarded as permission, neither implicitly, nor in any other way, to use the displayed trademarks without prior written consent from SKIOLD A/S. The displayed trademarks and other content on this website shall solely be used in accordance with the present General terms.
Any form of communication or materials sent to or about this website by email or otherwise will be treated as non-confidential and not protected by copyright. The information may be used without any limitations or payment by SKIOLD A/S and its affiliated companies, and shall be considered its property upon receipt. It is prohibited to send or transfer any form of material to or from this website that is illegal, threatening, defamatory, libelous, indecent, pornographic, or in any way against any legal provision.
Links to and from other materials
This website may contain links to other websites managed by third-party. These links are solely intended as a service to you. SKIOLD A/S disclaims any control of, connection to, or approval of websites linked to from this website. SKIOLD A/S reserves the right to delete any link or any linked program at any time. If you wish to visit any third-party websites linked to this website, it is at your own responsibility.
Disclaimer of liability
While we have attempted to maintain the information, software, and other services on this website as accurately as possible, the site may contain errors. SKIOLD A/S disclaims any and all liability for such errors.


SKIOLD A/S does not warrant that the website or services made available from the website by SKIOLD A/S or on behalf of SKIOLD A/S (including download of software and manuals) will fulfill your requirements, that their use will be uninterrupted, that they will be safe and error-free, or that the website or servers used by SKIOLD A/S will be free from virus, or will be accessible at all times.

SKIOLD A/S disclaims any and all liability for direct, indirect, derived, consequential, punitive, special, or other damages, loss of profit, or any other loss or damage occurring from loss of use, loss of data, or consequential loss, whether or not it concerns contractual matters, non-compliance, or wrongful action, arising out of access to, use of, or reliance upon any of the content on this website or on third-party websites, which are directly or indirectly accessible from this website.

Nor does SKIOLD A/S warrant and shall not be held responsible for any damages or virus on your computer equipment or other belongings arising from access to or use of this website or from transfer of material, data, text, photos, audio or video files from this website, or with origin from this website. SKIOLD A/S shall not be responsible for loss of hardware, software, or files caused by use of this website.

SKIOLD A/S shall not be responsible for and does not have any relation to other websites, which this website may link to, or which may link to this website. SKIOLD A/S disclaims any liability for loss, damage, demand, liability for damages, or punitive damages of any kind as a result of access to, use of, or reliance on any content on this website or on third-party websites, which are directly or indirectly accessible from this website.

Attention should be called to the fact that for practical matters, any material that SKIOLD A/S may receive via this website is considered freely available. SKIOLD A/S therefore has the right to reproduce, use, alter, and transfer the material without any limitations, including ideas for products, methods of production, or know-how contained in the material.

Applicable law and venue 
These General terms and the content on this website shall be governed exclusively by Danish Law without regard to its conflict of law rules. Any dispute arising out of or in relation to these General terms and the Privacy Policy shall, if it cannot be solved amicably, be decided solely by the Danish Courts in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The displayed products are not necessarily available on all markets. SKIOLD A/S reserves the right to decide which products shall be available on the different markets.


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