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High quality aquaculture feed production tailored to meet your specific requirements

Superior feed quality ensures the most profitable operation, health and feed conversion rate for your farmed fish

As an international, leading brand in the market, SKIOLD wants to make a difference in the provision of food for all humans with the minimum impact on the globe and its natural resources. SKIOLD provide complete solutions to clean raw materials, ensure food safety and increase yield. Our deep roots in the Danish traditions for green, yet efficient technology commit us to safe, sufficient and sustainable food production for all generations to come.

Superior feed quality ensures the most profitable operation, health and feed conversion rate for your farmed fish. Our aquaculture feed processing solutions provides complete control over the entire process so you can produce fish feed of the highest quality. Furthermore a SKIOLD solution minimize the environmental impact due to less energy consumption, less feed waste and less transportion of feed and feed stuff. Nature’s resources are best preserved when feed production, feeding and storage of feed is done responsibly, ensuring a minimum of waste in all phases of the value chain. 

If you are a mid- to large-size fish farmer or established conventional animal feed producer you may benefit from establishing your own aquaculture feed production based on high-performing standardized feed processing plants from SKIOLD.

Customized solutions tailored to meet your specific needs

We help fish farmers successfully take control over aquaculture feed production and hereby ensure healthier fish. We do that by providing SKIOLD feed milling equipment that makes up complete, customised solutions from mixing and grinding to sifting, extruding, shaping, drying and coating/cooling feed pellets for various  species, match fish feeding habits, and ensure optimum health and feed conversion rates.

Our aquaculture feed processing plants are designed to produce pellets in wide diversification in physical properties, shape and density to feed various fish species. Special feed options like for marine fish or shrimp are of course available upon request. The feed processing plants are made up from modules combined with focus on simplicity in operation, energy efficiency, flexibility in processes, high controllability and traceability.

A SKIOLD Aquaculture Feed solution is future-proof and can be scaled by adding extra modules as your needs for a higher production may increase. Read more about how we design your solution below:



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