On-farm service

SKIOLD is introducing a new service concept

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On-farm support and service

This means that SKIOLD is responsible for servicing the feed mill

This concept gives the farmer time to focus on things that add value to his business as well as optimizing core competences. The farmer has the expertise when it comes to running the farm, and SKIOLD has the expertise in servicing the advanced machines. By outsourcing service to SKIOLD, the farmers can concentrate on operations and developing the farm.

Financial advantage
By outsourcing service to SKIOLD the farmer is sure that his plant is well maintained. SKIOLD's specially trained service engineers perform biannual preventive service and ongoing maintenance. This secures a stable operation and maximizes the efficiency of the machines and reduces costly downtime. The farmer pays a fixed rate, which makes it easier for him to calculate his annual operating costs.

By choosing SKIOLD's on-farm service concept the farmer achieves the following five advantages:

  • Higher operational reliability
  • Longer service life for machines and spare parts
  • Higher productivity
  • Discount on spare parts
  • Higher sales value on the machines as regular maintenance secures longer service life