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Analysing and designing the optimal grain handling solution to meet your specific requirements

What sets SKIOLD apart from the rest is the approach we take with our clients. SKIOLD considers our clients as partners with whom we have a common mission to deliver the best possible solution on time and on budget.

We take responsibility - a SKIOLD project is never completed before the plant is operating satisfactorily. This way our customers can focus on developing and improving their business.


A grain handling project from SKIOLD is a complete solution were we start by converting your requirements and needs into a project specification. The first step to ensure a successful SKIOLD solution is an analysis focusing on the customer’s needs and future goals. SKIOLD delivers a total solution with analysis, design and installation to help you all the way from idea to delivery of the finished project.


We give you an overview of your options that we create according to your wishes and needs. Our skilled project department will guide you step by step to achieve the results that match your requirements. The result is a tailor-made, future-proof solution adjusted to the specific conditions, which reduces operating costs, optimizes quality, and gives you a competitive advantage. We aim to deliver a solution that develops our customer’s business, and we use both in-house and external experts to secure the best solution.


Our team of experienced supervisors manages the installation process. They ensure that the time schedule is on track and that all project specifications are followed. We have a take-over procedure to ensure that performance has been proven and plant operators have ben trained before final hand-over.

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