Efficient fin tubes for heating of the pig farm | SKIOLD

Heating System

The only things you do not need in your pig house are draught, cold and wet areas, sultry and humid air. SKIOLD Heating systems ensure optimum growth conditions for your pigs because you can control the indoor climate also when it is very cold outside.

All SKIOLD heat installations are carefully balanced to correspond to your ventilation system and the type and size of buildings. This will minimize installation and energy costs, but most important of all: You will get the full benefit from your investment because it will work like intended.

Room heating
During winter it can be impossible to run the ventilation system low enough to keep the temperature up without negative effects on the air quality. Typically the air will become dense and humid and very unpleasant for staff and animals. By installing room heating it is possible to change enough air in the section to maintain good air quality and still keep the indoor temperature on the set point.

Furthermore, the hot air from the fin tubes will lift the cold air from the air intakes and "carry it". This effect prevents the draft inside the pig house.

Floor Heating
A small pig has a relatively bigger surface compared to its bodyweight than a large pig. This means that it loses relatively more heat to the surroundings. The more energy a pig needs to maintain its body temperature, the less energy available for the pig to grow and fight stress or disease. Piglets and weaners shall never keep the concrete floor warm - but the other way around!

Fin tubes
The Fin Tubes provide a high heat dissipation per meter for heating the barn. The tube are most often placed under the air intake to mix the heat with the cold air, thereby ensuring the right and homogeneous temperature for the animals. The characteristic fins of the tubes contribute effectively to the heat dissipation by the supply and circulation of water. The heat is supplied to the air as convection heat, which contributes to a homogeneous and draft-free ventilation.

Our special expertise in fastening and mounting the heating fins on the tubes contributes to creating an effective thermal conductivity via the optimized contact surface between the fins and the tube.

The large surface area of ​​the tube fins contributes to a greater heat dissipation. Our construction combined with the assembly provides the absolute best utilization of the materials, thereby ensuring the most efficient and economical heating of the barn. SKIOLD's Fin Tubes provides, in comparison with other models, a continuous additional documented efficiency of 15 - 40% per running meter.

Shunts, valves & pumps
SKIOLDS heating systems are made up of high-end quality products. GRUNDFOS pumps and Danfoss thermostats are standard. All valves are calibrated for maximum regulation precision. Shunts can be reversed.