SKIOLD Efficient air separator for grain and seed

SKIOLD Damas PULCO air aspirator

Cost-effective quality separation by air

Compact and sturdy, the DAMAS PULCO air aspirator is engineered to handle any crop – light, heavy, small or large – with maximum efficiency and minimum noise and space requirements. The DAMAS PULCO air aspirator is designed to separate both light and heavy crops by air.

Due to its compact size, it can be placed precisely where it’s needed in just about any production facility. It is ideal for precleaning at intake, for additional air cleaning in fine cleaning processes, for cereal seed before dressing, for industrial cleaning or for malt at outloading. With the addition of a separating chamber, DAMAS PULCO machines can even be used to fractionate kernels with very small differences in weight.

SKIOLD Damas offers a comprehensive range of accessories and modules to the DAMAS PULCO to allow you to meet any future requirements in your production.  You might also want to look at our SIGMA centrifugal air screen cleaner.

How it works

DAMAS PULCO aspirators work by suction of air through the material, separating out any light impurities. Self-cleaning and compact, the DAMAS PULCO emits no vibrations due to 100 % balanced moving parts.

Ideal for all grain sizes and types

DAMAS PULCO separators are designed to effectively take light material out of all types of crop.

Your direct benefits

Great cost-saver

The PULCO consumes very little electricity compared to its output and has a very long working life – and very low need of maintenance from year to year. The fact that the PULCO is designed to be self-cleaning also means very little downtime – so you can run your production plant at high capacity when the need arises.

Extra-high cleaning efficiency

The PULCO S is a model with a vertical air chamber which acts as an extension of the horizontal air chamber. This makes is possible to achieve a much stronger air aspiration without the risk of discarding any good material in the process. What you get is unparalleled cleaning efficiency and much better return on your investment.

Easy to operate

The PULCO is prepared for four different types of blowing-off, giving you full flexibility in your installation:

Type 1: Suction through filter

Type 2: Blowing-off to cyclone, dust chamber or the like

Type 3: Suction-off through cyclone Type 4: Recycling system with cyclone In installation types 1-3, you only need one slide for adjustment – this also goes for option 4, once the recycling adjustment has been carried out.

Improved working environment

Because of the reduced need of air change, the PULCO will effectively improve the working environment in your facility. The reduced need for air change in the production facility also makes it easier to maintain a pleasant temperature in your production. The PULCO is almost completely silent during operation, which also helps improve the working conditions for your employees.