Feeding Automats and Dispensers

SKIOLD feeding equipment - Perfect for pellets and mash feed

All feeders are challenged by the risk that feed has a tendency to build bridge. SKIOLD has taken up the challenge in the SKIOLD MaxiMat feeders. The slip angles of the hopper make sure that the feed progresses down the wall, and at the bottom a spring will keep open the area between the hopper and the metering plate. These features will reduce bridge building in a SKIOLD MaxiMat feeder to an absolute minimum.

The adjustment handle has been designed based on ergonomic experience and is made from sturdy plastic. The numbers in the step-by-step setting are easily read, and hence adjusting the feed allotting is quite simple. Due to the logarithmic scale, it is possible to tune in even very small amounts. The feeder is easily and effectively cleaned, as it has no blind angles, and the materials used are stain resistant.

For all versions of feeders it is recommended to install additional water supply, for instance the MaxiMat® Aqua, which is easily integrated with the feeder. Clear and clean water is vital to piglets, especially right after weaning.

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