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"Within the last couple of years, we have fine-tuned production so that today, we have a production of 2,000 Danish calves and 400-500 heads of Danish beef cattle supplied to a private slaughterhouse. Our buildings, feeding systems and care are now top-notch which in the long term result in really good production equipment and productivity.

We have nine large raw material silos for different components for our calf compounds. Here we have two different mineral hoppers so that we can run a line with perfectly clean vitamins and minerals, soybean meal, coarse rape meal, grain and beet pellets. We also have the silo capacity for mixing three different grain varieties in our compound feed.

Behind it is something very sophisticated. We take in the grain and fill it in a fibreglass silo. Before we fill in the grain, we run it through the mixer and add water to get the desired water percentage in the grain.

We are able to make customised feed for just the group of animals we want. At the moment, we are making four different calf feed compounds to allow for the calves' increasing appetite and weight gain as the calves have been divided into sections to improve feed composition. We have a daily weight gain of 1250-1300 gram and we expect to be able to increase it by about 100 grams of daily weight gain from the time the calves enter until they leave. We also want to improve feed intake a little to make a more palatable product by adding different things to our compound feeds." says Mr. Absalonsen Farm manager at Toftegaard in Denmark. 

The farm has a complete SKIOLD Feed solution:

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