SKIOLD Seed Cleaning Machine

Damas OMEGA cleaning/grading machine

High grading efficiency with low power consumption

The DAMAS OMEGA is a flexible and efficient cleaning/grading machine which can be used for a wide variety of cereals and seeds, from light to heavy seeds all the way from pre-cleaning to fine cleaning. The DAMAS OMEGA is capable of handling up to 300 tons per hour when cleaning cereals – and up to 30 tons per hour when grading seeds. 

Whatever your needs (and seeds), DAMAS OMEGA can match them with only minor customization needed – in most cases with no customization whatsoever.  

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The DAMAS OMEGA air screen cleaner grades and cleans your grain or seeds by evenly distributing the material across screens which vibrate in the special “Damas pattern”. This motion increases the efficiency of the cleaning/grading process and significantly reduce the pay-back time of the machine.  

How it works

Ideal for many different grain and seed types

Damas Omega is available in a number of different designs and sizes for different purposes and grain or seed types and can be tailored to any need you may have.

You might also be interested in our SIGMA centrifugal air screen cleaner.

Your direct benefits

Higher efficiency. A lot higher.

DAMAS OMEGA offers much higher grading efficiency than any other comparable machine on the market today. Due to its optimized screen motion, DAMAS OMEGA can deliver a grading efficiency up to 60 % higher than other grading machines on the market today. For instance, wheat can be graded in the DAMAS OMEGA at a rate of up to 1.7 t/h per m2 of bottom screen – significantly higher than the industry standard of just 1.2 t/h. 

Simpler operation

The DAMAS OMEGA range of machine offers independent pre-suction and after-suction systems. This means that you can adjust one air system without having to adjust the other one as well, saving you valuable operational time and allowing you to optimize the running of the machine quickly and easily. The independent pre-suction and after-suction systems also mean that any adjustment of the pre-suction system will not influence the after-suction system.   

Air exhaust reduced by up to 80 %

The DAMAS OMEGA is fitted with two recycling air systems, reducing the air exhaust to a minimum. In fact, tests have shown that the DAMAS OMEGA will need an air exhaust of 2* 800 m3 per hour when cleaning cereals. Most machines on the market today will produce a minimum of 16,000 m3 of air per hour – up to 20,000 m3 per hour when they have the same cleaning capacity as the DAMAS OMEGA. This has a major impact on the working environment in your plant – and it will also impact the size and bulkiness of the other installations you need. For instance, you will need much smaller (and therefore cheaper) filters in your installation, making the whole grading/cleaning line smaller, more compact and much more cost-effective.  

Better working environment and improved daily economy

The adjustment of the suction systems is carried out using frequency converters, reducing the turbulence in the air ducts and making it possible to optimise the running of the entire system smoothly and quickly. The feeding system is modular and can handle all types of cereals and seeds. The sturdy construction of the DAMAS OMEGA will also ensure its running with no service needed for many years – for instance, the screen boxes are made with Wisa-Form plywood which adds to the long life-span of the DAMAS OMEGA. The construction of the DAMAS OMEGA also means that it will run equally well for many years regardless of the climate in which it is installed. 

Practical clipping effect when cleaning barley

In most cases, you won’t need to invest in a clipper/de-awner for barley when you have the DAMAS OMEGA in your production line. The built-in distributor worms in the inlet hopper and the large feed roller produce a substantial clipping effect, large enough in many cases to eliminate the need for a dedicated clipper machine.

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