Paddy rice drying and grain storage

SKIOLD delivers high-end paddy rice handling and storage facility which contribute to eliminate the waste of resources with modern storage and drying techonology.

The SKIOLD solution includes a batch unloader solution, cleaning solution, buffer silo with aeration, storage silos and conveying solutions. 

From field to food 

The SKIOLD Damas Omega cleans the rice and efficiently removes straw, leaves, soil, and other non-paddy materials from the rice. Within the next 24 hours, the paddy is dried to 14 percent in the drying plant. The drying of the paddy within the first 24 hours after harvest is of outmost importance. The quick drying process leaves the rice in the highest quality as it eliminates microbial growth, insects and mycotoxins. The SKIOLD equipment can also ensure a greener fuel consumption, as paddy husks can be recycled as fuel for the plant. The dried high-quality rice is stored in large silos. 

Basic function of the Paddy Rice handling facility

Fresh harvested paddy rice is collected and transported to the Rice handling facility. Short  transport time of the rice from field to dryer is essential in order to maintain quality and reduce losses. 

Once the paddy arrives at site, the wet paddy rice is sent towards the cleaning machine, that removes any impurities from the good product. Continuously the flow of rice is weighed, to keep track of quantities received.

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Within hours from receipt of the wet paddy rice, the drying process must start, in order to prevent decomposition due to high temperature and humidity. To be sure that the rice is dried evenly and gently, the drying process is divided in several steps, each removing moisture from the rice, until storage prof condition is reached. 

Once dried the paddy rice is ready for storage, a fully automated conveying system brings the rice from dryer to the storage silos.  During storage the content in the silos is aerated and the temperature is constantly monitored, to be sure that the rice kept at best possible conditions. Furthermore air cooling is possible as part of the aeration.

When it is time to reclaim the rice, a fully automated belt conveyor system gently transports the rice to the discharge point.

The entire Rice Handling Facility is operated and controlled from a central control room, allowing for safe and efficient operation of the plant.

A SKIOLD Handling Facility ensures best possible value addition to the raw product handled, and secures to reduce unnecessary waste of quality and quantity.

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