SKIOLD signs contract with KH Lin

SKIOLD signed contract with KH Lin Farm on creating its first full-line turnkey pig farm in Taiwan

On 16 April 2021 SKIOLD Group signed a contract with KH Lin Farm for a complete turnkey pig farm, designed by SKIOLD. The farm includes a 1500 sow farm for finishing, and two farms for further 1200 sows with finisher production.

"With SKIOLD innovative full-line solutions, transparency and full traceability of all processes of production, we believe that our cooperation with Mr KH Lin will unveil a new chapter for Taiwan’s pig industry" says Sussie Ketit Regional Director of SKIOLD A/S

The signing of the contract was witnessed by Bo Mønsted, director of the Danish Trade Council, Taipei and the CEO of SKIOLD A/S, Søren Overgaard.

I am really proud on behalf of SKIOLD that KH Lin has put their trust in SKIOLD as partner to design and execute the farm project at Kuan-Ling Farm. This complete farm solution with sow- and finishing farming is designed using the latest technology of SKIOLD and our technology partners. This project include all the quality parts of feeding, watering and penning to ensure the best growth conditions for the animal." says Søren Overgaard, CEO of SKIOLD A/S

SKIOLD has been working with our strategic partners for the project. Munters has delivered all ventilation systems for the whole project, and United Ivory (UI) has put together the building designs and construction. SKIOLD provides all equipment within penning, flooring, water system, feeding system, slurry system and silos.

SKIOLD also introduces a great amount of innovative solutions for modern pig farming like SKIOLD DIGITAL, which implements Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) system and TRISTAR sorting stations. With the SKIOLD digital pig management system, all production data can be gathered in a single platform, for your daily management and analysis of all aspects of the production. On the other hand, the management system makes it possible to provide precise feed quality and correct nutritional feed based on animals’ need, to ensure optimal health and growth.

"On top of this we are including the latest digital solutions to enhance production efficiency and ensure that KH Lin get the maximum return on their investment and not least all their efforts in producing the best quality livestock. Choosing the SKIOLD ESF system and our Tristar system combined with advanced controls and management system, and not least combined with the latest technology of our partners will surely create a “lighthouse” operation in for the region." says Søren Overgaard and continues:

"I would like to thank Mr. Lin for the trust he has put in SKIOLD and a thank everybody involved for all their efforts in getting this important project from conceptual planning and into an important asset for the KH Lin Group. SKIOLD remain committed to Mr. Lin and his business to ensure that the KH Lin group maximize the results of their efforts.

The 1500 sow farm for finishing is expected to be completed by the end of September 2021.


See a short movie of the project layout here


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