SKIOLD Sustainable earth of the future

The future calls for new environmental technologies

With focus on sustainability and future-proof solutions that increase your yield and reduce the environmental impact

The value structure of agriculture is already changing. This opens new ways to think about environment and technologies in animal production.

At SKIOLD the goal is to create complete solutions for animal productions that contribute to sustainable initiatives, such as use of own resources, this could for example be reducing feed waste, reducing ammonia emission and energy savings.

Reducing feed waste with Eat-Time Management

Eat-Time management assists the daily feeding and adjust the amount of feed to obtain optimal yield. An efficient tool, until the pigs reach 60-70 kg and transitions to the final feeding level.

The technology is developed to feed the pigs as much as you can, without losing their appetite and at the same time maintain a data-based flow that gives you full overview.

Reducing ammonia emission with air cleaning technology

At SKIOLD we offer air cleaning technology based on addition of sulfuric acid that can reduce emission of ammonia with a documented effect of 89%. The air cleaner has sublime stability in operation.

This technology fulfills the requirements and is admitted on the List of Environmental Technologies from the Danish Ministry of Environment. 

Reduced energy consumption

At SKIOLD we offer a new generation of exhaust motors, that with groundbreaking technology is among the most energy friendly. The PM motor reduces energy consumption significantly and provides energy savings of up to 70% in a year.

The motor is resistant to wear and tear, it delivers a stable pressure and is maintenance free, which means it has a long lifespan. This technology fulfills the requirements and is admitted on the List of Environmental Technologies from the Danish Ministry of Environment. 

Connect your herd in one system

A complete solution that takes the complexity out of the construction process and creates value for your performance figures. At SKIOLD we gather input and information, that meets and fulfill our customers’ specific goals, and together we find the best and most resource efficient solutions.

We have chosen to look at the whole picture, which opens up opportunities to modernizing and future proofing facilities, where focus on environmental technologies are the essence of our integrations. 

Strong partnerships

It is our ambition to deliver the most optimal solutions to our customers to enable them to produce food with minimal impact on the environment and to achieve the largest advantage of their efforts. We look forward to hearing from you and create the foundation for a strong partnership.



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