Here are some selected case studies

Civagaard - Denmark

The entire chain from weaners to finishers

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Thien Thuan Tuong Group - Vietnam    

Electronic Sow Feeding in Vietnam

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customer since 2005

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VPF Group in Thailand

Pig farm customer since 1994

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Fustero Ganadera farm - Spain

Pig farm customer since 2008

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ROYAL Barenbrug expand their factory in Denmark

Doubling their current SKIOLD Damas solution

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Clarrich Farm, Australia

3 tonne SKIOLD liquid feed system for the growing progeny of 1000 sow farm

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DLG – the largest farm supply company in Europe

Seed processing - 85 tons/hour

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ZAO Plemzavod Shoibulaksky, Russia

Feed solution up to 15 tons/feed hour and full line pig farm for 5000 sows

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Premium Porc Group

Produces 105.000 tons feed each year - uses SKIOLD service concept

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Pig farm in Latvia with 1100 sows

Complete feed mill production 7 tons/hour

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Ratanui Farm in New Zealand

See how Ratanui Farm has obtained a competitive advantage

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JOJOBA oil - from one of the largest suppliers

SKIOLD Damas deliver large plant for cleaning and drying

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Australia cattle farmer

SKIOLD has sold a feed mill

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Commercial feed factory, Australia

SKIOLD has delivered feed mill with capacity up to 30 tons per hour

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Scandinavian Farms, China

SKIOLD delivers a feed mill plant for 12 t/h

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A large Danish pig farmer

Chooses a feed mill solution from SKIOLD

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Ukraine pig farmer

6 x full line farms with 1250 sows

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Industrial feed production, Estonia

Producer of minerals for animal feed 7 tons/hour

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Belarusian pig farmer

On-farm mixing for increased welfare, 6 t/h

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